A Beautiful, Wonderful Me Summer Reading Challenge!!

I'm so excited to announce the A Beautiful, Wonderful Me Summer Reading Challenge! This challenge will run from July 1- July 31. I'm challenging everyone to read a book a day, or if you're older, at least a chapter a day!

Reading is so important for language development! When summer comes and school lets out, many kids won't pick up a book until school starts back up in the Fall! We want our kids to maintain the skills they learned in school over the summer and into the next school year! Reading does just that! 

When reading the chosen books for this challenge, ask your kids open-ended questions about what they read! "Who is the main character?", "What was your favorite part in the book?", "What didn't you like about the book?", "Why do you think this happened". This allows your child to think about what they read, form ideas, make predictions, and identify cause and effect!

If you don't have books at home or want to purchase books, head to your local library to get a free library card to check out enough books for this challenge!!

Make sure you tag pictures of you and your child participating in the A Beautiful, Wonderful Me Summer Reading Challenge by using the hashtags #abeautifulwonderfulmesrc or #abwmsrc on Instagram. Or email us your pictures at info@abeautifulwonderfulme.com.

At the end of the challenge, you will be able to download the official A Beautiful, Wonderful Me Summer Reading Challenge certificate that shows your completion of the challenge!

Can't wait to see all of your pictures!!

Tyia Lashe


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