Change is OK! Embrace It!

Growing up, I had many goals and aspirations. First, I wanted to become an actress. Then, I wanted to become a veterinarian. Then, I wanted to become a teacher. Later in life, I realized I did not want to be in a classroom with 20-25 kids every day so I became a speech-language pathologist. In this field, I am still able to work with kids but in a smaller capacity. During my undergrad school year, speech-language pathology became my "ultimate passion", at the time. I had plans to open my own private practice after 5 years of working in the field and owning my own business. I had it all planned out in my head. I was ready! Everything soon changed. 

Growing up I struggled with my self-image tremendously. One day, I wrote an affirmation poem for myself to help me get through a rough patch. The poem was "A Beautiful, Wonderful Me", which I later turned into a book. After self-publishing this book, my ultimate passion soon shifted. Speech-Language pathology soon turned into a job. A very rewarding job, but it was no longer a passion. My passion soon shifted to writing and creating content to encourage people to embrace their flaws, love themselves, and follow their dreams. I am a very creative person. I have been a writer since the 6th grade! Once I saw what was possible, I decided to make a change. I wanted to change the world through "A Beautiful, Wonderful Me". I wanted to work in my passion! In my eyes, working in your passion is success! So I made that change. After 1 year of working, straight out of graduate school, I told my principal that I needed to follow my dream. So here I am! 25 years old! Ready to work in my passion and make a difference in this world. It is a big change! But I realize that this change is for the better. I embrace it! And I'm ready! Are you?

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