Introduction to Tyia Lashe

At the age of 23, I decided to love Tyia. I decided to accept Tyia for who she is. I decided to adore Tyia, flaws and all. I recognized that Tyia's flaws makes her who she is. I acknowledged that Tyia is a beautiful girl inside and out because she believes that she is. 

I have been on this positive track for 2 years (I'm currently 25). Why did it take me so long to recognize my true beauty? It took forever and a day because I wasn't tired. I wasn't tired of being unhappy. I wasn't tired of feeling lonely. I wasn't tired of being sad. I wasn't tired of crying. I wasn't tired of feeling this way. I was in a very negative space. But then it hit me!

My turning point occurred when I began to see women, on tv and the internet,  who doesn't meet society's beauty standards embracing themselves and calling themselves beautiful. There confidence shined through and I wanted to have that same glow! God then began to show me the importance of positive affirmations. I legit had to speak my confidence into existence. I had to say, "Tyia you look good today.", "Tyia you are beautiful.", "Tyia, it doesn't matter what other people think about you, all that's important is what you think of yourself".

I had to reverse my negative mindset into a more positive one. I had to get tired of being unhappy, sad, and fearful. I refused to live that way. I wanted to live a life of abundance. I couldn't do that cooped up and afraid. 

So here I am. Striving to encourage others to love themselves flaws and all. Inspiring others to embrace their quirks that make them intriguing human beings by making myself present and known. The world deserves to know Tyia Lashe! I am putting myself out there for the whole world to see. I, Tyia Lashe Adair, am a beautiful, wonderful me!

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